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Auditing Books pdf : Here we have provided detailed information for Auditing Books. Auditing Books deals with the Auditing is such an examination of books of accounts and vouchers of business, as will enable the auditors to satisfy himself that the balance sheet is properly drawn up, so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the business, according to the best of information and explanation given to him and as shown by,  Here you can Download Auditing Book pdf, also given related auditing book list, Book topics & chapters, Book authors, reference books,and so on in this web portal.

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Download Auditing Book pdf

Auditing is about the economic decisions in every society must be based upon the information available at the time the decision is made. For example, the decision of a bank to make a loan to a business is based upon previous financial relationships with that business, the financial condition of the company as reflected by its financial statements and other factors. And also we have provided advanced Auditing books free download to enhance your knowledge of topics such as Managing daily business finance.

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Auditing Text Books – 

Download Auditing book is free and available for everyone to download as a pdf. Learn about the most important principles of auditing concepts such as Audit is a systematic and scientific examination of the books of
accounts of a business. Here we have also given some important textbook and authors for Auditing books have a look!

Sl.noBook NameAuthorPublications
1.Auditing for DummiesMaire LoughranWiley Publications
2.A Handbook for Practical AuditingTandon B.NS.Chand publications
3.Auditing & AssuranceNILWolters Kluwer

Standards on Auditing for CA Students

Anshul MittalArya Publishing company

Statement on Auditing Standards

AICPAWiley Publications

Useful for:

  • CA (Charted Accountant)
  • CPT (Computer Proficiency Test)
  • MBA Financae
  • Degree 1st year (B.Com, BBA)
  • Degree 2nd year (, BBA)
  • Degree 3rd year (, BBA)
  • 1st year
  • 2nd year

Auditing Book Topics and Chapters

  1. Objectives
  2.  Introduction -an overview of auditing
  3. Origin and evolution
  4. Definition
  5. Salient features
  6. Scope of auditing
  7. Principles of auditing
  8. Objects of audit
  9. Detection and prevention of fraud 1.2
  10.  Concept of ” true and fair view”
  11.  Advantages of audit
  12. Limitations of audit
  13.  Let us sum up.
  14. Keywords.
  15.  Bibliography

List of Reference books for Auditing

Here we have provided the list of text and reference books for Auditing which is useful for students of various streams. This book can Help for preparation of exams of Accounting and Audits also Download fundamentals of Auditing for Dummies Textbook pdf link provided below. The following list is arranged in sequence for convenience – Name of the book, Author, Publication, Price and more

  1. A Handbook for Practical Auditing – Tandon B.N – S.Chand publications
  2. Standards on Auditing for CA Students – Anshul Mittal – Arya Publishing company.
  3. Statement on Auditing Standards – AICPA – Wiley Publications.
  4. Auditing for Dummies – Maire Loughran – Maire Loughran.
  5. Auditing & Assurance – NIL – Wolters Kluwer.
  6. Fundamentals of Auditing – S.K Basu – Pearson
  7. Contemporary auditing – Michael C. Knapp – Cengage Learning – 11 edition
  8. Internal Auditing – Craig Cochran – Paton Professional, 2017
  9. IT Auditing – Chris Davis and Mike Schiller – Tata McGraw Hill Second edition
  10. Auditing: The Ultimate Guide to Performing Internal and External Audits – Greg Shields – Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 2018.

Famous Authors for Auditing Books

  • Auditing & Assurance – NIL
  • IT Auditing – Chris Davis and Mike Schiller
  • Information Systems Auditing: The IS Audit Planning Process  – Robert E. Davis.
  • Auditing for Dummies – Maire Loughran
  • Fundamentals of Auditing – S.K Basu
  • Statement on Auditing Standards – AICPA
  • Contemporary auditing – Michael C. Knapp
  • Standards on Auditing for CA Students – Anshul Mittal
  • A Handbook for Practical Auditing – Tandon B.N.

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In this article we have provided all the information about Auditing Books. Interested Students can use the  above detailed information for Auditing books, price, reference books and their authors also you can Download Auditing for Dummies book pdf. Please check all the above given details about the Auditing Textbook.

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