CA IPCC Advanced Accounting Important Questions For Nov 2019

Check CA IPCC Advanced Accounting Important Questions For November 2019 | Main Topics. In the previous articles, we have given CA IPCC Auditing and IT & SM chapter wise important questions for Nov 2019 attempt. Today we are providing CA IPCC advanced accounts most important questions for Nov 2019 attempt (सीए आई.पी.सी.सी अड्वेन्स्ट ‎एकाउंटिंग इम्पोर्टेन्ट प्रश्न). With only a few days left for the CA IPCC exam Nov 2019, students have very less time to cement their learnings and get well prepared to write the perfect exams. During these days before the exams, students should avoid studying anything new. They must focus on practising and revising what they have studied until now.

Moreover, they must go through the important topics and practice the questions related to those topics. This will help to fine-tune your preparations for the board exams. It’s very essential that students pick reliable study material and practice manual, which provide only important and meaningful stuff so that students are able to make an effective preparation for the exam.

Download the CA IPCC Advanced Accounting important questions in this article. Here we have provided all the important question on Advanced Accounting Paper. Here we have mainly given the expected guess questions for Advanced Accounting theory questions and practical questions. People who are preparing for the CA IPCC Advanced Accounting exam can follow these questions for their exams preparation. If you don’t have time, here we have given all 4 marks important questions, 8 marks important questions and 16 marks important questions. So prepare all these short answers questions and long answers questions.

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CA IPCC Advanced Accounting Important Questions For Nov 2019 (Theory)

Here we have given the CA IPCC Advanced Accounting important theory questions. The below-given questions are the guess questions for the Advanced Accounting exam. Here we have given CA IPCC Advanced Accounting expected questions related on 4 Marks, 8 Marks and 16 Marks. Please Have a Look!


  1. Write short note firm underwriting and partial underwriting along with firm underwriting?
  2. What do you understand by firm underwriting? Pass the Accounting Entries relating to firm underwriting in the books of company and underwriter?


  1. Explain the distinguishing features between departmental accounts and branch accounts and the advantages derived from departmental accounts.
  2. State the basis on which the following common expenses, the benefit of which is shared by all the departments are distributed among the departments.

a) Rent, Rates and Taxes, Insurance.

b) Selling expenses such as a discount, bad debts, selling commission and other such selling expenses.

c) Carriage inward.

d) Depreciation

e) Interest on loan.

f) Profit or loss on the sale of the investment.

g) Wages.

h) Lighting and heating expenses.


  1. What are the conditions to be fulfilled by a Joint Stock Company to buy-back its equity shares as per Companies Act, 2013? Explain in brief.


  1. What are the contents of the “Liquidators” statement of account”? How frequently does a Liquidator have to submit such a statement?
  2. Overriding preferential payments under section 529A of the Companies Act, 1956.
  3. B List of contributors and the liability of contributors in the list.
  4. Write the LISTS which should accompany the Statement of Affairs, in case of a winding up by Court.


  1. Mention the ways by which redeemable debentures may be redeemed under Companies Act,2013


  1. Explain Garner V/S Murray rule applicable in the case of partnership firms. State, when is this rule not applicable
  2. W paid a premium to other partners of the firm at the time of his admission to the firm, with a condition that the will not be dissolved before expiry of five years. The firm is dissolved after three years. W claims a refund of premium. i) List the criteria for the calculation of the amount of refund. ii) Also, list any two conditions when no claim in this respect will
  3. Can a partner be called upon to pay the liability of the LLP? If yes, under what circumstances?
  4. Under what circumstances, an LLP can be wound up by the Tribunal.
  5. What is the distinction between an Ordinary Partnership Firm and a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)? Differentiate on ordinary partnership firm with an LLP in respect of the following
  1. Applicable law
  2. Ownership  of asset
  3. Number of partners
  4. Liability of partners/members.


  1. Explain in short, the following principles and term of the insurance business. i) Principle of Indemnity ii) Insurable interest iii) Principle of “UBERRIMAE FIDEI”. iv) Catastrophic Loss
  2. Write a short note on Unexpired Risks Reserve
  3. Write a short note on Re-insurance.
  4. Discuss the following types of fire insurance policies: i) Average policy ii) Comprehensive policy iii) Excess policy iv) Floating policy.


  1. Write a short note on Non-Performing Assets.
  2. Write a short note on the Classification of advances in the case of Banking Company.
  3. Mention the condition when a cash credit overdraft account is treated as out of order.

CA IPCC Advanced Accounts Practical Important Questions will be updated soon.

We hope with the help of this article, now you know the what are the important topics in CA IPCC Advanced Accounting for Nov 2019 (सीए आई.पी.सी.सी अड्वेन्स्ट ‎एकाउंटिंग इम्पोर्टेन्ट प्रश्न) attempt. People who are searching for the CA IPCC Advanced Accounting important Questions for CA exam can utilize these questions for their exam preparation. Students should understand that it is not recommended to skip some topics and read only a few important ones. Try to cover entire IPCC syllabus and that’s what ICAI expects from you and even IPCC question papers are based on that. These important questions are for those students who don’t prepare well for the exam and try to get at least 40 marks. So don’t depend on these questions if you have so much time for the exams. If you have any doubts the comment below. We will try to help you. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are going to write CA IPCC exams in November 2019.

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