CA IPCC Ethics and Communication Important Questions For November 2019

CA IPCC Ethics and Communication Important Questions For November 2019 (Chapter Wise). In the previous articles, we have given CA IPCC Business Law and Company Law chapter wise important questions for Nov 2019 attempt. Today we are providing CA IPCC ethics and communication most important questions for November 2019 attempt (सीए आई.पी.सी.सी इथिक्स कम्यूनकेशन इम्पोर्टेन्ट प्रश्न). With only a few days left for the CA IPCC exam Nov 2019, students have very less time to cement their learnings and get well prepared to write the perfect exams. During these days before the exams, students should avoid studying anything new. They must focus on practising and revising what they have studied until now.

Moreover, they must go through the important topics and practice the questions related to those topics. This will help to fine-tune your preparations for the board exams. It’s very essential that students pick reliable study material and practice manual, which provide only important and meaningful stuff so that students are able to make an effective preparation for the exam

In CA IPCC, Ethics and Communication which covers 20 marks each. Some students complain about it being too tough to prepare and technical language issue. The thing to do here is you don’t need to mug up this but just read it again and again and keep the points in mind so that you can frame your answer using the points. The examiner wants the correct points and not the exact language. So it will be easy for you to write answers in your own language if you know the basic points.

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CA IPCC Ethics and Communication Important Questions Nov 2019 (Chapter Wise)

Here we have provided all the important question of CA IPCC Group -I Ethics and Communication important guess questions. People who are preparing for the CA IPCC Nov 2019 Law Ethics and Communication exam can follow these questions for their exams preparation. If you don’t have time, here we have given all 4 marks important questions, 2 marks important questions and 1 marks important questions. So prepare all these short answers questions and long answers questions. Please have a look!

CA IPCC Ethics Important Questions For Nov 2019 Attempt


  1. Explain social sins listed by Mahatma Gandhi.
  2. Differences between moral and Ethics.
  3. Explain five sources of ethical standards.
  4. Explain fundamental principles relating to ethics.
  5. To pay proper attention to business ethics is certainly beneficial in the interest of the business. Describe four such benefits.
  6. Define the term Business ethics. State the need and requirements of Business ethics.
  7. Fairness and honesty are the pillars of success in the business comment.
  8. Write about ethical dilemmas.
  9. In the long run, those business firms which don’t respond to society’s needs favourably will survive correct (or) not.


  1. What is meant by corporate Governance? Explain its benefits and characteristics?
  2. Corporate Governance – developments in India.
  3. What corporate governance measures are required to be implemented by the Indian companies as per clause 49 of the listing agreement?
  4. Explain the role played by different committees in regulating corporate governance.
  5. What is CSR? Why is it needed in Indian Business Environment?
  6. The iron law of responsibility.
  7. What are the factors behind the growth of C.S.R?
  8. CSR is closely linked with the principles of sustainable development correct (or) not.
  9. Business is all green, only philosophy is grey.
  10. Code of conduct on insider trading.


  1. Ethical behaviour is not essential to the working environment;
  2. Describe the factors which influence the ethical behaviour at work in organisations
  3. State some examples of ethical issues faced by an individual at workplaces
  4. Define discrimination. Explain its basic element?
  5. Concept of sexual harassment.
  6. Explain in brief measures to ensure ethics in workplaces
  7. Promotion policies based on individual merit and not purely on the basis of seniority is discriminatory correct (or) not.


  1. Explain sustainable development and Green Accounting System?
  2. Ozone layer depletion, Acid rain
  3. What is meant by environmental ethics? How does its non-adoption lead to 3p’s i.e. polluter pays principle? Business doesn’t subserve environment ethics. Correct (or) not.


  1. State the pressures faced by finance & Accounting professionals in an Organisation in the compliance of fundamental principles of ethics
  2. What are various threats faced by finance & accounting professions while working as an auditor, employee and consultant of an Organisation?
  3. Explain reasons for unethical behaviour among finance and accounting professionals.
  4. Explain the safeguards in the work environment which may be created by a business enterprise to overcome threats.
  5. Explain briefly the matters to be considered and the steps that may be taken by a finance and accounting professional when he is required to resolve an ethical conflict.

CA IPCC Communication Important Questions For Nov 2019 Attempt


  1. Explain the factors responsible for the growing importance of communication
  2. Process of communication.
  3. Formal communication forms, advantages, disadvantages.
  4. Grapevine chains.
  5. Limitations of oral communication.
  6. Reasons for selecting oral mode instead of written mode.
  7. What exactly is non-verbal communication
  8. Para-language.
  9. Proxemics, chromatics, haptic
  10. Explain the main barriers to communication.
  11. Explain semantic problems in communication
  12. Prepare a checklist for composing a business message


  1. What are principles of interpersonal communication?
  2. Tips for improving interpersonal skills.
  3. Functions of interpersonal communication.
  4. Guidelines and importance of active listening.
  5. Discuss personal competencies that are associated with emotional intelligence.


  1. What is group dynamics? What are the characteristics of group personality?
  2. Types of groups in an organization
  3. Concept of negotiation and its techniques
  4. Concept of influencing and persuasion skills.


  1. Advantages of ethical communication.
  2. Organization values.
  3. Factors influencing ethical communication
  4. Guidelines to handle ethical dilemmas.
  5. Rumours and gossips are synonymous.


  1. Define corporate culture. State its main elements.
  2. Reasons for the resistance of change.
  3. Role of communication in organizational change.
  4. How to build an innovative organization? Explain the key elements.
  5. What qualities should a sustainable innovation organization possess?

We hope with the help of this article, now you know the what are the important topics in CA IPCC ethics and communication for November 2019 (सीए आई.पी.सी.सी इथिक्स कम्यूनकेशन इम्पोर्टेन्ट प्रश्न) attempt. People who are searching for the CA IPCC ethics and communication important questions for CA exam can utilize these questions for their exam preparation. Students should understand that it is not recommended to skip some topics and read only a few important ones. Try to cover entire IPCC syllabus and that’s what ICAI expects from you and even IPCC question papers are based on that. These important questions are for those students who don’t prepare well for the exam and try to get at least 40 marks. So don’t depend on these questions if you have so much time for the exams. If you have any doubts the comment below. We will try to help you. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are going to write CA IPCC exams in Nov 2019.

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