CA IPCC Financial Management Important Questions For Nov 2019

Check CA IPCC Financial Management Important Questions For Nov 2019. In the previous articles, we have given CA IPCC Accounting and Taxation chapter wise important questions for November 2019 attempt. Today we are providing CA IPCC FM most important questions for Nov 2019 attempt (सीए आई.पी.सी.सी वित्तीय प्रबंधन इम्पोर्टेन्ट प्रश्न). With only a few days left for the CA IPCC exam November 2019, students have very less time to cement their learnings and get well prepared to write the perfect exams. During these days before the exams, students should avoid studying anything new. They must focus on practising and revising what they have studied until now.

Moreover, they must go through the important topics and practice the questions related to those topics. This will help to fine-tune your preparations for the board exams. It’s very essential that students pick reliable study material and practice manual, which provide only important and meaningful stuff so that students are able to make an effective preparation for the exam.

Download the CA IPCC Financial Management theory and practical Important Questions in this article. Here we have provided all the important question on Financial Management Paper. Here we have mainly given the expected guess questions for Financial Management Theory Questions and Practical Questions. People who are preparing for the CA IPCC Financial Management Exam can follow these questions for their exams preparation.  If you don’t have time, here we have given all 4 marks important questions, 8 marks important questions and 16 marks important questions. So prepare all these short answers questions and long answers questions.

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CA IPCC Financial Management Important Questions (Theory)

Here we have given the CA IPCC Financial Management important Theory Questions. The below-given Questions are the Guess questions for the Financial Management exam. Here we have given CA IPCC Financial Management Expected Questions related on 4 Marks, 8 Marks and 16 Marks. Please Have a Look!


  1. The Profit maximization is not an operationally feasible criterion.” Comment on it.
  2. Explain the two basic functions of Financial Management.
  3. “The information age has given a fresh perspective on the role of Financial Management and Finance managers. With the shift in paradigm, it is imperative that the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) changes from a controller to a facilitator.” Can you describe the emergent role which is described by the speaker/author?


  1. Explain the relevance of the Time value of money in financial decisions.


  1. Distinguish between Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return.


  1. Define the following terms (a) Cost of Capital (b) Components of Cost of Capital (c) Marginal Cost of Capital.
  2. If a company finds that its cost of capital has changed does this affect the Profitability of the company?


  1. Discuss the major considerations in Capital Structure planning
  2.  What is the Net Operating Income (NOI) theory of Capital Structure? Explain the assumptions of Net Operating Income approach theory of Capital Structure.
  3. Explain, briefly, Modigliani and Miller approach on Cost of capital. (or) Explain in brief the assumptions of Modigliani-Miller theory?
  4. What is Over Capitalization? State its causes and consequences
  5. What is Under Capitalization? State its causes and consequences


  1. Operating risk is associated with Cost structure whereas financial risk is associated with capital structures  a business concern.” Critically examine this statement.
  2. “Financial Leverage is a Double Edge Sword” Comment.


  1. Define Treasury Management? What are the functions of Treasury Management?
  2. Explain the following 1. Concentration Banking 2. Lock Box System.
  3. Write a short note on Different kinds of float with reference to the management of cash.
  4. Write a short note on William J. Baumal vs. Miller-Orr Cash Management Model.
  5. What is Virtual Banking? State its advantages.
  6. Distinguish Factoring and Bill Discounting?


  1. Distinguish between cash flow and fund flow statement.


  1. How is the debt service coverage ratio calculated? what is its significance?


  1. What is debt secularization? Explain the basics of debt secularization process? Distinguish between Financial lease and Operating Lease.
  2. What are the other types of Leases?
  3. What are the Characteristics of Global Depository Receipts (GDR’S)?
  4. What is the difference between GDR and ADR?
  5. Write a short note on Bridge Finance?
  6. What are the other sources of finance?

CA IPCC FM Practical Important Questions For Nov 2019 will be Updated Soon.

We hope with the help of this article, now you know the what are the important topics in CA IPCC FM for November 2019 (सीए आई.पी.सी.सी वित्तीय प्रबंधन इम्पोर्टेन्ट प्रश्न) attempt. Students should understand that it is not recommended to skip some topics and read only a few important ones. Try to cover entire IPCC syllabus and that’s what ICAI expects from you and even IPCC question papers are based on that. These important questions are for those students who don’t prepare well for the exam and try to get at least 40 marks. So don’t depend on these questions if you have so much time for the exams. If you have any doubts the comment below. We will try to help you. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are going to write CA IPCC exams in Nov 2019.

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