CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions For Nov 2019 by CA IPCC Topper

CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions For November 2019 by CA IPCC Topper. In the previous articles, we have given CA IPCC Advanced Accounting and Auditing chapter wise important questions for Nov 2019 attempt. Today we are providing CA IPCC Information Technology and Strategic Management most important questions for November 2019 attempt (सीए आई.पी.सी.सी इनफॉर्मेशन टेक्नोलॉजी तथा स्ट्रटीजिक मैंनेज्मेंट इम्पोर्टेन्ट प्रश्न). With only a few days left for the CA IPCC exam Nov 2019, students have very less time to cement their learnings and get well prepared to write the perfect exams. During these days before the exams, students should avoid studying anything new. They must focus on practising and revising what they have studied until now.

Moreover, they must go through the important topics and practice the questions related to those topics. This will help to fine-tune your preparations for the board exams. It’s very essential that students pick reliable study material and practice manual, which provide only important and meaningful stuff so that students are able to make an effective preparation for the exam.

Studying SM is easier than IT but Scoring in IT is easier than SM due to its straight forward questions and easy checking compared to SM. If you have time, Start preparing IT first as you can get a score with some fix or repetitive topics like a flowchart, Definitions, etc. Analyse IT paper and make strategy accordingly. Don’t leave any part and study properly all important and major parts. If you don’t have time, here we have given all 2 marks important questions, 3 marks important questions and 4 marks important questions. So prepare all these short answers questions and long answers questions. Let’s check important topics in CA IPCC IT and SM for November 2019 attempt.

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CA IPCC IT and SM Important Questions For Nov 2019

Information Technology

Here we have given the CA IPCC Information Technology important questions for Nov 2019. The below-given questions are the guess questions for the IT exam. Here we have given CA IPCC Information and Technology expected Questions related on 4 Marks, 8 Marks and 16 Marks. Please Have a Look!


  1. Write short notes on the need and scope of computer networks? (or) Describe the ways in which a computer network can help business?
  2. Mesh Topology, BUS topology, Ring topology.
  3. Write about Synchronous and Asynchronous methods of data transmission.
  4. Write about different modes of data communication?
  5. Discuss various switching techniques used in a computer network.
  6. Write about the OSI Model.
  7. What is a security program? Write types of system security.
  8. Explain the threats involved in system security?
  9. Explain the vulnerabilities involved in system security?
  10. Discuss the concept of Cryptography in a computer network.
  11. Explain popular network security protocols?
  12. Write about Extranet.
  13. FCAPS model.
  14. Write about Guided and Unguided media in communication.
  15. Write short notes on the telecommunication network model (Or) Components of telecommunication network model?
  16. Discuss the Working of Client/Server architecture.
  17. Write about Intrusion Detection System (IDS)? Explain Primary IDS technologies?


  1. Computer network.
  2. Modem.
  3. Bridge.
  4. Router.
  5. Extranet.
  6. NIC
  7. Topology
  8. Parallel transmission.
  9. Protocol.
  10. Peer-to-peer network.
  11. VPN
  12. Firewalls.
  13. Intranet.
  14. 3-tier.
  15. M-commerce
  16. n-tier.


  1. Define Information System? Write about Information System components.
  2. Define the term Application software? Explain the advantages and disadvantages?
  3. Write about system software in detail, (or) What is an OS. Explain its functions.
  4. Relational database model.
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of DBMS.
  6. Write briefly about Mobile computing and its business applications.
  7. What is the information system life cycle? Explain different phases.
  8. What are the three critical pillars of BPA?
  9. Explain the need for controls in information systems.
  10. Importance of IT in Auditing.
  11. What type of IT Infrastructure should an organization need for automation?
  12. Definitions.
  • Cache memory.
  • Virtual memory.
  • Hierarchal data model.
  • Instruction set architecture.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • I pod
  • Bluetooth
  • Android
  • Whatsup
  • Automated [rocess


  1. What is Transaction Processing Qualifier
  2. MIS is an Integrated Application. Justify.
  3. What are the components of DSS?
  4. What is EIS and what are the components of EIS?
  5. Explain ERP.
  6. What is Accounting Information System? Explain Key components.
  7. Define Al? Write some commercial applications of Al?
  8. What are the various business intelligence tools?
  9. What are the different types or levels of Information Systems?
  10. Explain key modules in HRMS.


1.Information system.8.RBAC.
2.Business information system.9.RAC.
3.TPS.10.Smart card.
6.HRMS.13.Expert system.
7.Core Banking System.14.Principle of Least privilege.


  1. What is BPA? What are the objectives of BPA?
  2. Discuss the steps involved in the implementation of BPA?
  3. Define the term control? What are the major control objectives in BPA?
  4. Discuss process controls in brief?
  5. Discuss Input controls in detail?
  6. Discuss Boundary controls in detail?
  7. What do you mean by the term virtualization and explain major applications of virtualization?
  8. What is Grid computing? Explain various application areas of Grid computing?
  9. Discuss the constraints that are needed to be taken into consideration while developing a secured Grid architecture?
  10. Explain different service models of cloud computing?
  11. Explain the characteristics of cloud computing?
  12. Explain various deployment models of cloud computing.
  13. Discuss Communication Controls in detail?
  14. Definitions.
  1. Batch processing. 4. Storage virtualization.
  2. Real time processing. 5. cloud computing.
  3. Leased application.


  1. Explain the processing cycles of accounts BPM?
  2. What is meant by Accounting Information systems? Explain its basic functions?
  3. Write about the Six Sigma model.
  4. Discuss the success factors of BPR?
  5. Write about the BPM life cycle?
  6. What is Value Chain Automation? List out six business functions of the value chain?
  7. Write short notes on Business Risks of failure
  8. Write about DFD’s and its components?
  9. Advantages and limitations of flowcharts and also practice a few flowcharts.
  10. Explain different approaches to mapping systems.
  11. What is meant by the Accounting Information System? Explain the Basic Functions of AIS?
  12. Explain Classification of Business Processes and mention different levels in business process management.
  13. Describe the Key factors to consider in implementing BPM?


  1. Process.
  2. TQM.
  3. BPR.
  4. Radical redesign.
  5. E-R diagrams.
  6. Decision trees.
  7. Decision tables.
  8. Business process management.

Strategic Management

Here we have given the CA IPCC Strategic Management important questions for Nov 2019. The below-given questions are the guess questions for the Strategic Management exam. Here we have given CA IPCC Strategic Management expected questions related on 4 Marks, 8 Marks and 16 Marks. Please Have a Look!


  1. Business environment exhibits many characteristics.” Explain.
  2. Explain the Interactions / Exchanges / Relationship between an Organisation and its Environment.
  3. Discuss the Problems in understanding the environmental influences.
  4. Elements of Macro Environment
  5. Explain the reasons necessary for globalization by companies.
  6. Explain Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model of Competition Analysis.


  1. Socio-Cultural Environment   2. Demographic Study            3. Globalisation


  1. Write about various Strategic Levels in an organization?
  2. Explain the Framework of Strategic Management.
  3. Explain the Importance or Benefits of Strategic Management. Do you think that companies should be managed strategically? Discuss.
  4. What is strategic decision making? Briefly explain the Features/ Major Dimensions of Strategic Decision Making.
  5. State the points that may be considered while writing a mission statement of a company.


  1. Strategic Management Mission                                            5. Vision Shared
  2. Vision Shared Vision


  1. Vision Vs. Mission Shared Vision Vs. Vision Shared.


  1. What is strategic group & what are the areas of similarity among companies in a strategic group?
  2. Write short notes on Strategic Group Mapping & what is the step to be taken while constructing a strategic group map for an industry?
  3. Write a short note on SWOT ANALYSIS?
  4. Explain the Significance of SWOT Analysis?
  5. Write short notes on Experience Curve BCG Growth-Share Matrix
  6. Explain the General Electric (GE) Model of Portfolio Analysis;
  7. Explain the Growth Strategies under Ansoff’s Product-Market growth.


  • Strategic Group
  • Strategic Group Mapping
  • SBU
  • Experience Curve


  1. Write short notes on Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies.
  2. Explain the concept of Expansion through Diversification?
  3. Write about Vertical and Horizontal Integration Diversification Strategies.
  4. Discuss how mergers and acquisitions are used for business growth. What are the various types of mergers?
  5. What is a Divestment Strategy? Explain why/when is it adopted?


  1. Best-Cost Provider Strategy
  2. Diversification
  3. Concentric Diversification
  4. Conglomerate Diversification


  1. Vertically Integrated Diversification Vs. Horizontally Integrated Diversification.


  1. Are functional strategies really important for business?
  2. Discuss the concept of Marketing Mix?
  3. Discuss different promotional methods
  4. Discuss the concept of Expanded/ Extended Marketing Mix.
  5. How the worth of a business is evaluated?


1.Penetration Pricing3.Synchro Marketing
2.Skimming Pricing4.Augmented Marketing
1.Logistics Vs. Supply Chain Management (SCM)2.Advertising Vs. Publicity


  1. Write Short notes on Hourglass Structure?
  2. How are business activities classified for VCA purpose?
  3. What are the Leadership Roles to be played by a Strategic Manager?
  4. What is Strategic Leadership? What are the two approaches to Leadership Style?
  5. What is Strategic Change and what are the steps to initiate it?
  6. What is strategic change? Explain the change process proposed by Kurt Lewin that can be useful in implementing strategies?
  7. What is Strategic Control? Explain different types of Strategic control
    • Value Chain Analysis (VCA)
    • Strategic Leadership


    • Strategy Formulation Vs. Strategy Implementation/
    • Transnational vs Transformation.
    • operation control vs Management control.


  1. Write down the steps in the implementation of BPR?
  2. What are the Elements/Steps in the Process of Benchmarking?
  3. What are the Advantages of Six Sigma?
  4. What are the Strategy-Shaping Characteristics of E-Commerce environment?
  5. Definitions i) BPR ii) Six Sigma iii) TQM iv) Benchmarking


  1. BPR Vs. Traditional Methods

We hope with the help of this article, now you know the what are the important topics in CA IPCC IT and SM for Nov 2019 (सीए आई.पी.सी.सी इनफॉर्मेशन टेक्नोलॉजी तथा स्ट्रटीजिक मैंनेज्मेंट इम्पोर्टेन्ट प्रश्न) attempt. People who are searching for the CA IPCC ITSM important Questions for CA exam can utilize these questions for their exam preparation. Students should understand that it is not recommended to skip some topics and read only a few important ones. Try to cover entire IPCC syllabus and that’s what ICAI expects from you and even IPCC question papers are based on that. These important questions are for those students who don’t prepare well for the exam and try to get at least 40 marks. So don’t depend on these questions if you have so much time for the exams. If you have any doubts the comment below. We will try to help you. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are going to write CA IPCC exams in November 2019.

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