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Free Download CMA Inter Cost Accounting Study Material pdf for December 2019 exams. Cost Accounting subject is paper 8 in CMA Inter examination and one the subject in CMA. CMA Inter is 2nd stage in revised CMA Course. We’ve given Revised Syllabus 2016 CMA Intermediate Cost Accounting Material by chapter-wise. You can download CMA Inter Paper 8 study material in pdf format by unit wise & chapter wise in PDF Format. ICMAI has released CMA Inter Paper 8 Cost Accounting study material for CMA Syllabus 2016 students officially in website also.

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Download CMA Inter Cost Accounting Study Material Dec 2019

Cost Accounting is one of the subject in ICWAI Intermediate Course. Cost Accounting Paper 8 Study Material December 2019 is mentioned below :

About Material

  • Given Study material is applicable for December 2019
  • Name of the Text Book : Cost Accounting
  • Paper No – PAPER 8
  • Author : ICMAI
  • No of Pages :400
  • Edition : May 2018

CMA Inter Paper 8 Study Material – Syllabus 2016

(Cost Accounting)


CMA Inter Study Material December 2019 – All Subjects (Revised)


List of Chapters in CMA Inter Paper 8



(a) Definition, Scope, objectives and significance of cost accounting, its relationship with financial
accounting and management accounting

(b) Cost Objects, Cost centers and Cost Units

(c) Elements of cost

(d) Classification of costs


(a) Material Costs:

(i) Procurement of Materials,

(ii) Inventory Management and Control,

(iii) Inventory Accounting & Valuation

(iv) Physical Verification, treatment of losses

(v) Scrap, sp

(b) Employee Costs:

(i) Time keeping, Time booking and payroll,

(ii) Labour Turnover, Overtime and idle time

(iii) Principles and methods of remuneration and incentive schemes

(iv) Employee cost reporting and measurement of efficiency.

(c) Direct Expenses

(d) Overheads:

(i) Collection, classification and apportionment and allocation of overheads

(ii) Absorption and treatment of over or under absorption of overheads

(iii) Reporting of overhead costs

3. COST ACCOUNTING STANDARDS (Basic Understanding only) (CAS 1 to CAS 24)


(a) Cost Accounting Records, Ledgers and Cost Statements

(b) Items excluded from cost and normal and abnormal items/cost

(c) Integral accounts

(d) Reconciliation of cost accounting records with financial accounts

(e) Infrastructure, Educational, Healthcare and Port services



(a) Job Costing

(b) Batch Costing

(c) Contract Costing

(d) Process Costing – Normal and abnormal losses, equivalent production, Joint and By Products.

(e) Operating Costing or Service Costing – Transport, Hotel and Hospital


6. COST ACCOUNTING TECHNIQUES: (Basic Understanding only)

(A) Marginal Costing

(i) Meaning of Marginal Cost and Marginal Costing

(ii) Absorption Costing vs. Marginal Costing

(iii) Break-even analysis

(iv) Margin of safety

(v) Application of Marginal Costing for decision making (simple problems only)

(B) Standard Costing & Variance Analysis

(i) Concept of standard cost and standard costing

(ii) Advantages and limitations

(iii) Computation of variances relating to material and labour costs only

(C) Budget and Budgetary Control (simple problems only)

(i) Concepts, Types of Budgets

(ii) Budgetary Control Vs Standard Costing

(iii) Advantages and limitations

(iv) Preparation of Budgets (simple problems only)

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CMA Inter Cost Accounting Mock Test Papers

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Cost Accounting: Theory & Practice
  • R. Palaniappan, N. Hariharan
  • I K International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd
  • Edition no. First Edition (07/30/2012)
  • Paperback: 1124 pages
Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA - Intermediate)
  • M. Ravi Kishore
  • Taxmann Publications Private Limited
  • Edition no. 1 (12/23/2013)
  • Paperback: 660 pages
Cost Accounting: Texts and Problems
  • Shukla M.C., Grewal T.S., Gupta M.P
  • S Chand & Company
  • Paperback: 958 pages
Cost Accounting and Financial Management (CMA - Intermediate)
  • M. Ravi Kishore
  • Taxmann Publications Private Limited
  • Edition no. 1 (12/21/2013)
  • Paperback: 736 pages

Best Authors & Publishers of ICAI (Cost) Inter Cost Accounting Books

  • R. Palaniappan, N. Hariharan
  • M. Ravi Kishore
  • Shukla M.C., Grewal T.S., Gupta M.P

How to get CMA Inter Cost Accounting Physical Text Books

For Registered Students :

ICWAI Inter students who are registered for CMA Inter Course on or after 1st June 2017 will get revised CMA Inter Cost Accounting Physical Text Book along with other subjects through speed-post/Courier by ICMAI to your address.

Converted or Other Students : 

You can get CMA Inter Cost Accounting Physical Text Book at your nearest local ICAI (Cost) branch office by paying the cost of the book.

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