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Download Fundamentals of Accounting Notes: Here we have provided some details about Fundamentals of Accounting Notes. Fundamentals of Accounting is the study of Principles and Fundamental Concepts of Basic accountingAccounting is extremely popular as the language of business language. Through this language, it is easy to analyse the financial condition and performance of the business. The concepts are known as GAAP that stands for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Here we have also given detailed information about the books list, topics and chapters, authors, reference books, book publisher and also Download Fundamentals of Accounting Notes pdf in this web portal.

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Download Fundamentals of Accounting Notes pdf

The  main objective of the course Fundamentals of Accounting Concepts & principles is to help students understand fundamental accounting concepts and principles, as well as to develop the capability to perform the basic accounting functions: the recognition, valuation, measurement and recording of the most common business transactions and the preparation of accounting statements. Also Download Fundamental of Accounting Notes pdf and textbooks to enhance your knowledge.

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Fundamentals of Accounting Books – 

Download Fundamental of Accounting Notes pdf & textbook here and available for everyone to download as a pdf. Learn about the most important accounting concepts such as bookkeeping. Here we have given some Fundamental of Accounting Book list, Authors, and their Publications

Sl.noBook NameAuthorPublications
1.Modern trends in Accounting ResearchBatra G.CDeep and Deep  Publication, New Delhi
2.Fundamental   Principles of AccountingGangwar Sharda   and Gangwar D.KHimalaya Publishing  House,  New  Delhi,
3.Accounting theory  and PracticeGlautier  M.W.E  and  Underdown BPitman Publishing, Bath,249
4.Corporate Financial    Reporting Theory    and PracticesProf. Jawahar LalTaxmann‘s
5.Fundamentals of Advanced AccountingR.S.N Pillai BagavathiS. Chand Chand Publications

Useful for

  • Charted Accounting Students (CA)
  • MBA Finance
  • Degree 1st year(B.Com, BBA)
  • Degree 2nd year(, BBA)
  • Degree 3rd year(, BBA)
  • M.Com 1st year
  • M.Com 2nd year

Basic Fundamentals of Accounting Topics and Chapters

  • Business activity: companies.
  • Concept and classification of accounting.
  • Users of accounting information.
  • Requirements of accounting.
  • Definition of Balance Sheet.
  • Components of Balance Sheets: assets, liabilities and equity.
  • Assets.
  • Liabilities and stockholders equity.
  • Business transactions.
  • Companies ́ wealth.
  • The Accounting Equation.
  • Accounting tools.
  • The account.
  • The Double-Entry System.
  • The accounting books.
  • The annual accounts.


  • The concept of earnings.
  • Business transactions, fund flows and cash flows.
  • Revenues, expenses, gains and losses.
  • Accounting for revenues and expenses.
  • Components of the Income Statement.
  • Administrative approach.
  • Multiple-account approach.
  • Phases in the accounting cycle.
  • The output of the accounting function: the Annual Accounts

List of Reference books for Fundamentals and Accounting Notes

  1. Batra G.C., Modern trends in Accounting Research – New Horizons in Auditing  and  Contemporary Accounting, – Deep and Deep Publication, New Delhi, 2007 Edition.
  2. Benjamin New men and Martin Mell Men, Accounting Theory-A CPA Review, John Wily and Sons, New York.
  3. Bhatt  B.R., Accounting  and  Financial  Policies, Practices, Standards and Reporting Snow White House, Mumbai, 2004 Edition.
  4. Chamber R.J., Blue Print for theory of Accounting, Accounting Research No. 6 1955,P-125
  5. Dalal, Gajjar and Kshirsagar, Guide  to  Accounting Standards and Corporate Accounting Practices,  Wadhwa and Company, Nagpur, 5th Edition 2002
  6. Devine C.T., Research Methodology and Accounting Theory Formation, The Accounting Review 1960 P-394.
  7. Edey H.C.,The Nature of Profit Accounting and Business Research, Winter 1970
  8. Eldon S. Heridriksen., Accounting theory, Home Wood Richard D.Irwin 1982 P-1
  9. Jamshed R Batliboi, Advance Accounting a practical manual of advanced  accounting for Indian students, accountants, book-keepers and businessmen, Wadhwa and Company, Nagpur ,32nd Edition 1997
  10. Glautier M.W.E and Underdown B., Accounting theory and Practice, Pitman Publishing, Bath,249
  11. Gangwar Sharda and Gangwar D.K, Fundamental Principles of Accounting, Himalaya  Publishing House, New Delhi, 2008 Edition
  12. Prof. Jawahar Lal., Corporate Financial Reporting Theory and Practices, Taxmann‘s , 2003 Edition
  13. Kam Vermon, Accounting Theory, Jhon Wily and Sons, New York
  14. Kothari. C. R, Research Methodology, Himalaya  publication  House, New Delhi, 2009 Edition.

Famous Authors for Accounting Books

Here we have given some important Accounting books and their authors list. In this article we have also given books to Download Fundamentals of Accounting Notes pdf.

  • Accounting made Simple: Accounting explained in 100 pages or Less: By Mike Piper
  • Accounting All-in-One for Dummies
  • Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand: By Darell Mullis and Judith Orioff
  • Essentials of Accounting: By Leslie K. Breitner and Robert N.Anthony
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting,the Basis for Business Decisions: By Jan R.Williams and Mark S. Bettner.
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting: By Barry Elliot and Jamie Elliot
  • Accounting in a Nutshell : Accounting for Non Specialist: By Janet Walker
  • The Enlightened Accountant : Accounting for Non-accountants: Accounting revealed in 100 pages
  • Accounting Best Practices: By Steven M.Bragg.

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In this article we have provided all the information about Fundamentals of Accounting Notes pdf. Interested Students can use the  above detailed information about the Accounting books, price and their authors also you can Download Fundamentals of Accounting Notes pdf. Please check all the above given details about the Accounting Textbook.

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