PM Narendra Modi Salary 2019 – Allowance, Assets, Life Time Earnings and Networth

Do you want to know how much our PM Narendra Modi is earning per month? Check out PM Narendra Modi Salary Details 2019. In the previous article, we have given complete details of Amit Shah Net Worth. Today, in this article we are providing our PM Modi net worth details. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the Elections in 2019. He was born on 17th September 1950. Modi is the Indian politician serving as the 14th & current PM of India since 2014. He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and also a Member of Parliament (MP) for Varanasi from 2001 – 2014. He is also a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS).

In 1971 he became a full-time worker for the RSS. During the state of emergency imposed across the country in 1975, Modi was forced to go into hiding. The RSS assigned him to the BJP in 1985. Modi is the only prime minister outside Indian National Congress to win two consecutive terms with a full majority. Modi was named as the Best Chief Minister in 2007 nationwide survey by India Today. At present, the PM Narendra Modi Salary is Rs 19,20,000. 

PM Narendra Modi Salary 2019

Events Information
Name of the PoliticianNarendra Modi
Name of the PostPrime Minister
Born17th September 1950.
Name of the Political PartyBharatiya Janata Party
AwardsBest Chief Minister in 2007 by India Today

Person of the Year in 2014 and 2016 by Times Magazine

Person of the Year – Forbes Magazine

PM Narendra Modi SalaryRs 1.6 lakh

Prime Minister – Salary & Allowances

Modi will be drawing the monthly salary of Rs 1.6 lakh. His basic salary will be Rs 50,000, with a  full allowance of Rs. 3,000, a daily allowance of Rs. 62,000, and an MP allowance of Rs.45,000.

Allowances Information
Annual IncomeRs 19,20, 000
Monthly SalaryRs 1.6 lakh
Basic SalaryRs 50,000 with Sumptuary Allowance of Rs 3000
Travel AllowanceFree
Medical AllowanceFree
Expenditures  & AccommodationFree
MP AllowanceRs.45,000.
Daily AllowanceRs 62,000

Modi’s Assets

Modi’s source of income is his government salary and interest earned in his savings. Coming to his assets, have grown by 52 per cent from 2014 – 2019. Most of his movable assets come in the form of fixed deposits worth Rs 1.27 crore in the State Bank of India. His movable assets are Rs 1,41,36,119 (Rs 1.41 crore) and immovable assets are of Rs 1.10 crore. Modi has not taken any loans from banks. 

Movable Assets 

  • Cash in Hand – 38,750
  • Cash in Bank – Rs 4,143
  • Fixed Deposit – Rs 1,27,81,574
  • Bonds              – Rs 20,000
  • Insurance & NSC – Rs 9,51,813
  • Gold                      –  Rs 1,13,800 (4 gold rings)
  • Other assets       – Rs 2,26,040
  • Total Movable   – Rs 1,41,36,119

Immovable Assets

  • Market Value of House   – Rs 1,10,00,000
Life Time Earnings

Modi’s Life Time Earnings will be his salary given by the Central Government and a house in Gandhinagar, Gujarat built on a 3,500 sq ft of land, bought in 2002 for Rs 1.30 lakh. that is worth Rs 1 crore now. Even he is the Prime Minister of India, he has no car registered in his name. His latest declaration, says he doesn’t own any motor vehicles, air crafts, yachts or ships. 

Previous Income of Former Prime Ministers 

Some of the former Prime Ministers used to take Rs 1/-  as their Monthly Salary.  Here we have mentioned the income of former PMs of India. 

Name of the Prime Minister As PM from the Period Salary
Manmohan Singh2004 – 2009 & 2009  – 2014Rs 1 /-
Atal Bihari Vajpayee1999 – 2014Ranges from  Rs 53,822-Rs 79,264
Inder Kumar Gujral1997 – 1998

Highest & Lowest Paid PM in India

The highest-paid PM of India at present is Narendra Modi and the lowest-paid PM of India is Manmohan Singh.

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