Salary of Prime Minister of India 2019 – Basic Salary, Allowance, Income & Expenditures (Latest News)

Check out the Salary of Prime Minister of India. Our current Prime Minister is Narendra Modi. He was born on 17th September 1950. Modi is the Indian politician serving as the 14th & current PM of India since 2014. Are you curious to know the basic salary of our Prime Minister? Now you’re at the right place. In the previous article, we have given complete details about Salary of Home Minister of India. In this article, we are going to provide the  Salary of Prime Minister of India 2019 – Basic Salary, Allowance, Income & Expenditures. 

The Salary and allowances of the Prime Minister are decided by the Parliament of India. Continue reading the below article, for more details of  Salary of Prime Minister of India.

Eligibility to become a Prime Minister

According to articles 84, 75 of the Constitution of India, should meet the following eligibility to become a Prime Minister of India such as :

  • Citizen of India
  • A member of LokSabha or the Rajya Sabha
  • Age Limit: Above 25 years of age (they are a member of Lok Sabha) or above 30 years of age (if they are a member of Rajya Sabha).
  •  Should not hold any profit of office under Govt of India, Govt of State, etc.

Powers & Functions of Prime Minister

The following are the powers and functions of a Prime Minister of India :

  • Head of the Government
  • Leader of the Cabinet
  • The link between President and Cabinet
  • Leader of the Parliament
  • Chief of Foreign Relations
  • Chairman of various commissions
  • Leader of the Party
  • Chief Coordinator
  • Allocation and Change of Portfolios

Salary of Prime Minister of India

Name of the PositionPrime Minister of India
Current Prime MinisterNarendra Modi
Born17th September 1950.
Name of the Political PartyBharatiya Janata Party
AwardsBest Chief Minister in 2007 by India TodayPerson of the Year in 2014 and 2016 by Times Magazine

Person of the Year – Forbes Magazine

Present Salary of Prime Minister of IndiaRs 1.6 lakh

PM’s Basic Salary & Allowance

The Ministry of Parliament Affairs manages the salary details and expenses of the Prime Minister and other MPs. The President of India gives the Salary to PM. The salary paid to PM is the money that comes from the Tax Payers.  The taxes we pay to the government are the salaries to the Government Officials.

The Prime Minister of India draws a monthly salary of Rs 1.60 lakh per month, including allowances.

Basic SalaryRs 50,000
Expenditure AllowanceRs 3000
Daily  Allowance2000 * 31 = 62,000
Constituency Allowance or MP AllowanceRs 45,000
Total SalaryRs 1,60,000
Other Allowances
Travel AllowanceFree
Medical AllowanceFree
Income and Expenditure

The Income of PM of India is Rs 1.6 lakh month. RTI (Right to Information) states that PM has incurred expenses of Rs 29 crore on foreign visits and Rs 53 crore on domestic visits. Expenses, travel and other facilities are mentioned below :

Cabinet Colleagues foreign visitsRs 48 crore
Foreign VisitsRs 29 crore
Domestic VisitsRs 53 crore
Chartered Flights, Maintenance of Air Craft and  Hotline FacilitiesRs 2,021 crore
Total ExpenditureRs 393 crore
Previous Income of Former Prime Ministers 

Some of the former Prime Ministers used to take Rs 1/-  as their Monthly Salary.  Here we have mentioned the income of former PMs of India.

Name of the Prime Minister As PM from the Period Salary
Manmohan Singh2004 – 2009 & 2009  – 2014Rs 1 /-
Atal Bihari Vajpayee1999 – 2014Ranges from  Rs 53,822-Rs 79,264
Inder Kumar Gujral1997 – 1998
Highest & Lowest Paid PM in India

The highest-paid PM of India at present is Narendra Modi and the lowest-paid PM of India is Manmohan Singh.

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