Download Tally ERP 9 Keyboard Shortcut Keys Manual – PDF Chart & Excel Sheet

Download Tally ERP 9 Keyboard Shortcut Keys Manual – PDF Chart & Excel Sheet. Candidates who are learning Tally are searching for the shortcut keys,  so to make their preparation easier we have come up with this article. Using the shortcut keys, will help the user comfortable and do the work more quickly. Shortcuts invoke a command in Tally Software as an alternative for mouse clicks and pressing Enter Key.  These shortcut keys help you in faster data entry, easy report viewing, easy navigation, quick import of data, etc. Through this article, we are going to provide Tally ERP 9 Shortcut Keys in PDF, Chart & Excel Sheet, Download Links, etc. Continue reading the below article for Tally ERP 9 Shortcut Keys. 

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Tally ERP 9 Keyboard Shortcut Keys Manual - Download PDF, Chart & Excel SheetImportant Shortcut Keys in Tally ERP 9

Shortcut KeyUsage
ALT + 2To Duplicate a voucher
ALT + ATo Add a voucher

To Alter the column in columnar report



To create a master at a voucher screen (if it has not been already assigned a different function, as in reports like Balance Sheet, where it adds a new column to the report).

To access Auto Value Calculator in the amount field during voucher entry

ALT + KTo select the Keyboard Configuration
ALT + OFor uploading the report at your website
ALT + GSelecting Language for Tally ERP 9 Gateway
ALT + NView the reports in automatic columns
ALT + PTo print the report
ALT + RTo repeat the narration in different voucher type
ALT + SUsing ALT + R to bring back a line which is  removed
ALT + MTo Email the report
ALT + UUsing Alt + R to retrieve the last line which is deleted
ALT+ VFrom Invoice screen to bring Stock Journal screen
ALT + XCancellation of  a voucher in Day Book/List of Vouchers
CTRL+ ETo select the Currencies
CTRL + GTo select the Group
CTRL + HTo view the Support Centre
CTRL + ITo select the Stock Items
Ctrl + Alt + IImporting statutory masters
CTRL + KLogin as Remote Tally.NET User
CTRL + LTo select the Ledger. To mark a Voucher as Optional
CTRL + OTo select the Godown
CTRL + RTo repeat narration in the same voucher type
CTRL + Alt + RTo rewrite the data for a company

Functional Shortcut Keys 

  • F1  –  At all masters menu screen /  To select a company
  • F1   –   To select the Accounts Button
  • F1 (ALT+F1)  –  To select the Inventory Button
  • F1 (CTRL + F1) –  To alter Payroll Vouchers
  • F2   –  Changing Current Date / To select company inventory features At the F11(Features Screen)
  • F3   –  Selecting Company Statutory & Taxation features
  • F4  –  To select the Contra voucher
  • F5  –  To select the Payment voucher
  • F6 – For  selecting the Receipt voucher / At Accounting / Inventory Voucher creation and alteration screen
  • F8 – (CTRL+F8)
  • F9  –  To select the Purchase voucher
  • F9  – (CTRL+F9)
  • F10  –  To select the Reversing Journal voucher
  • F10 – (Ctrl + F10)
  • F11  – To select Functions and Features screen
  • F12  – To select the Configure screen

Download Tally ERP 9 Keyboard Shortcut Keys Manual

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Tally Shortcut Keys PDFDownload

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