Work from Home Request Letter – Download Mail Samples, Formats & Structure

Download Work from Home Request Letter – Mail Samples, Formats & Structures.  Some of the companies/organizations provide Work from home facility to the employees due to the present situation of COVID-19/Corona Virus. Employees can request for Work From Home in conditions of Emergency, Sick, and other valid reasons. Employees who are searching for the Work From Home Request Letter on the web can visit Fin Updates website to download the formats. Through this article, you will get the details of Work from home request letter. Download in Mail Samples & Formats. Scroll down to view the Work From Home Request Letter.

Work from Home Request Letter - Mail Samples, Formats & Structure

Work from Home Request Letter

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What is meant by Work From Home Request Letter?

A request to work from home is what employee opt for in situations where they are having trouble reaching the office. Work From Home will be given to the employees so that there will be no loss of pay, even when they work at their homes. Before taking Work from Home, employees should write a letter or email to his/her boss request for permission. Work from home benefits both the employees and employers. Even when at home, the work gets completed and there will be no loss of pay to the employees.

How long it is Allowed?

Work from home is allowed based on the circumstances of the employee. Work from home is also applicable only for a certain period of time, depends on the rules and regulations of the organization. However, it is always necessary for the employee to request permission for absence from work, even if they are working from home. The manager has the authority to permit or reject the request depending on the employee’s previous work performance and the workload at the office.

If the employee is absent for the work, without informing the head of the department, this action leads to disciplinary action being taken against the employee such as deduction of salary.

Download Work from Home Request Letter

Here we have given the Work From Home Request Letter in DOC Formats. Download the WFH Request Letter in various formats by the links given below :

Work From Home Letter Download Link 

Work From Home Samples

Here we have given some of the sample template and examples of Work From Home Request Letter of any job category. Have a glance over it :

Request Letter to Boss for Work Home

Date: ……………….

(Name of the boss/manager)
(Company Name)

Sub.: Request for approval for work-from-home on (date)
Ref: (Employee Name), (Designation), (Department), (Employee Code)

Dear Sir,

I have to kindly inform you that I am suffering from severe cold and mild fever for the last couple of days. While I managed to come to work till today with this health issue, I am afraid I may not be able to come to work from tomorrow onwards until I am cured. My present health condition do not permit me to work in an office environment. I have already seen a doctor and have had my health checked up. He has advised for bed rest and medication for the next four days.

I understand the load of work these days because of the current projects and therefore I think I will be able to manage to do certain tasks on my laptop if I dedicate some hours to work from home. I request you to kindly allow me to work-from-home for the next 4 days from (date) to (date). As usual I will be reporting the progress of the work by the end of the day and whenever needed over phone.

Enclosed herewith a copy of the doctor’s medical report on my sickness for the official records.

Kind request to approve my work-from-home application.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Employee)

E-Mail Request for Work From Home

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to seek your permission to work from home today. I am not feeling that well to be able to go to the office. I have been to a doctor this morning and I am on medication now for sore throat, cough, headache and mild fever.
However, I understand the workload and hence I have decided to spend time from home managing the work today. I will probably feel better by tomorrow and hopefully will be back at the office.

Kind request to consider this and permit me to work from home today.

(Name of the Employee)
Employee Code: …………

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