Download Work Relieving Letter Samples in DOC/Word/PDF Formats

Download Work Relieving Letter Samples in DOC/Word/PDF Formats. Work Relieving Letter should be submitted by any employee who leaves the office. It’s the basic responsibility of an employee when he/she leaves the company/organization. Employees who are searching for the Work Relieving Letter Samples on web can visit Fin Updates website to download the formats. Through this article, you will get the details of Work Relieving Letter Samples, Download in DOC/MS Word/PDF Formats. Scroll down to view the Work Relieving Letter Samples.

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Work Relieving Letter Samples

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What is a Relieving Letter?

A relieving letter is a formal letter issued to an employee at the time of leaving a company/organization and has completed the notice period. This is an official document issued by the organization which states that the employee is relieved from all the duties and responsibilities. A relieving letter is required at the time of joining a new company.

Contents in Relieving Letter

The following contents are required in a Relieving Letter :

  • Date of Issuance of the Letter
  • Employee Details
  • Reference or Subject
  • Employee’s Resignation Details.
  • A Statement of Appreciation
  • Signature.

Other Names for this Document

The following are the other names for Relieving Letter. Have a glance over it :

  • Employee Experience Letter
  • Experience Letter
  • Relieving Letter
  • Service Certificate
  • Employee Proof of Employment Letter

Download Work Relieving Letter Samples

Here we have given the Work Relieving Letter in Document/Word/PDF Formats. Download the Resignation Letter in various formats by the links given below :

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Sample Formats of Work Relieving Letter

Here we have given some of the sample template and formats of Work Relieving Letter of any job category. Have a glance over it :

Relieving Letter Template – Sample 1



[Employee Code], [Employee Name] [Employee Address]

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear [Employee Name],

This is in reference to your resignation date [date of resignation] wherein you requested to be relieved from your services with effect from [date of relieving]. We wish to inform you that your resignation stands accepted and you are relieved from your duties as [Designation].

Your Full and final settlement pertaining to earned wages, encashment, notice pay, compensation, leave or any other claim in connection with your employment with the [Sub Company] stands clear.

Further, all your dues towards final settlement under PF, Gratuity act and Certificates due under Income-tax (if applicable) have been provided and stands settled.


For [Sub Company]

Signing Authority

Head-Human Resource

Sample 2


HR Department


Subject: Request for Issuing of a Relieving Letter


I, _________, resigned from [company name] on [Date] and have completed all the formalities
and pending work. Furthermore, I have served the 2 months notice period and my last working day was on [date].

I would request you to issue a Relieving letter at the earliest as I have to submit it to the new organization which I have joined.

I would be highly obliged if you consider the matter and issue the letter at the earliest.

Kind Regards,
[Your Name]

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